Week 17 Dinner, Coconut Curry Tilapia, Chicken Enchiladas, Fancy Beef Stew, and Creamy Tortellini Soup

Tortellini Soup in a Crockpot:
Recipe found HERE

NOTES:  This is probably my favorite tortellini soup that I have found to date.  It is creamy and delicious, packed with spinach, and only has FIVE ingredients.  This is super easy, and my entire family absolutely loved it for dinner, then for lunch, then for lunch again!  I will say that the cream cheese did not melt as quickly as I thought it would, so I would probably break it in smaller pieces and perhaps stir it a few times during cooking so that it blends together more easily.

Broiled Tilapia with Thai Coconut Curry Sauce:  Recipe from Cooking Light
Recipe found HERE


Chicken Enchiladas: Recipe from Kirsten Dunlap...a recipe without a recipe:

4 chicken breasts
salsa verde
diced green chilies
8 oz sour cream
1 cup plus more for topping shredded cheddar or Mexican blend cheese
12 burrito size tortillas
1 pint half n half

Take 4 chicken breasts, shredded (I made mine just by throwing them in the crock pot with water and they shredded beautifully!)
 Mix the shredded chicken with a jar of salsa verde, a can of diced green chilis, a jar of regular salsa, a tub of sour cream, a cup of shredded cheese (cheddar or mexican blend) Again- these measurements are kind of estimates...just get it to the consistency like a chicken salad.
Take about a dozen tortillas and put a scoop of chicken mixture in each tortilla and roll them up tight.
Fill a pan with the rolled up enchiladas and cover with cheddar cheese. (At this point you can refrigerate them, even overnight!)
Then, right before you put it in the oven, pour a pint or so of half & half over the whole pan.
Bake at 350 till cheese bubbles (about 30-45 minutes!)

NOTES:  I was served this originally at a 3 year old birthday party, and it was delicious!  I asked for the recipe and realized that it was sort of a "throw together to your own liking" mixture, which is awesome but takes some practice.  The proportions are really dependent upon how big your chicken breasts are.  I used 4 chicken breasts this time that were a little small used about half a jar of salsa verde and of salsa and about 4 oz of sour cream.  I used taco sized tortillas, and poured the half in half over top until it covered the entire pan.  Honestly, I have made this differently every time I've made it, and you cannot mess it up.  It is so yummy each and every time...my family LOVES it!!  This is definitely a staple at our house!

Beef Daube Provenal: Recipe from Cooking Light
Recipe found HERE

NOTES:  This was another super easy, crockpot recipe.  Cooking Light never fails in the deliciousness of their recipes, and this was no exception.  I thought this might be a stretch for the kids with the carrots being so evident, but they absolutely loved it.  The entire dish was GONE in one night!!  PLEASE to not let my lack of photography skills deter you ;)

Happy Cooking!

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