Little Lemon Tarts

Y'all! I am NOT a baker. There is a reason why there are not many dessert recipes on this blog because, I am NOT a baker. So, I tried to cheat on this recipe and buy pre-made mini tart shells. Well, that was a fail because when I opened my bag from Lowe's Foods to Go online shopping service, I found two medium tart shells rather than 24 mini tart shells. So, plan B, make it from scratch as Butter Baking suggests. Because I don't bake, I have a hard time gauging how long to bake things when there is a range, but I ended up baking everything for the maximum amount of time. Also, when it says to use 1 tsp of dough, use a heaping tsp of dough to cover the entire muffin cup. I definitely did not make these nearly as pretty as they are on the website linked above, BUT, they are delicious, and I am pretty proud of myself for doing this from scratch.  This Butter Baking girl definitely knows baking!

Little Lemon Tarts: (recipe from Butter Baking's website)
Recipe found HERE.

Happy Cooking!!

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