Moving on Up...I Need YOU!

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So, this little blog of mine has been so much fun, and I have LOVED learning about the blogging world, HTML code, playing with features, sharing recipes, and most of all WRITING!  Who knew?

Here's the thing: I think that I have outgrown "blogger."  So, I need to make a move to another site.

Here's the problem: I am still so new to this whole world, and I would love some of you who have been out there a while to help me get started.   I know that I need a blog that has more features and ways to organize information, an easier search function for recipes, and different pages to make the blog more user friendly.

Here's where you come in: I would LOVE your feedback...What do you like about the blog?  What don't you like?  Do you have suggestions on a host site that would work for The Laws on Dinner?

Thank you thank you in advance for your help...I can't wait to "move on up"!

Happy Cooking!

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