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Korean Beef Tacos

Originally posted in May 2014:
I had planned on making some ribeye steaks last week and ran out of time in the midst of all of the birthday festivities, so I froze the ribeyes and thought today that they might be good for this recipe. They were really yummy but probably could have used a little less cooking time because of how thin they were. (Also, I didn't read the full directions and did not turn them throughout the process, so they probably would've soaked up the juice better if I had followed instructions :)) I forgot the jalapeno, which was probably good as it made it less spicy for the kids. My husband added some chili garlic sauce to his to give it a kick. I served the beef and slaw in hard shell corn taco shells and topped with shredded Monterey jack cheese and sliced avocado. The kids ate a little of the beef but preferred their tacos with just avocado and cheese.  My husband and I agreed that this was SUPER yummy...just in time for CINCO DE MAYO.

Korean Beef Tacos: (…

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