I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

After a luxurious 42 hours at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, I am back on track with my meal planning for the week.  This week's menu includes: pumpkin & black bean soup, chicken parmesan with arugula salad, tomato tart, and a special birthday meal for our baby's first birthday, which is yet to be fully determined but will include ham & cheese party sandwiches, proscuitto wrapped asparagus, birthday cake, and lots more goodies.

As you all know, this week was a short cooking week.  The reason behind this decision was that I was using a little bit of self preservation as George was gone, and I was alone with the munchkins for seven nights.  Having the kids pick the dinners ended up being the ticket to surviving the week.  There was no complaining about dinner, and everyone had a nice full belly in time for bed every night.  Also, all of the meals that they picked double as comfort food for me.  It's a win all the way around!!

So, along with the hilarious conversations with my kids, sweet moments during bedtime every night,  and lots of extra snuggles that came from being the only parent in the house this week, there were a few, um, setbacks? hiccups? disasters? (That last one is probably too strong.)  I have told several friends that our family is the family of nothing major but always something.  This week included my Randall's Plaque acting up, two trips to the doctor, picking up a child early from school who was "sick," two trips to the car dealership, a dead battery on the way to pick up George from the airport, and George's flight being delayed so long that he was a day late getting back.  SO, I am VERY thankful that I only planned on three nights of cooking because I probably wouldn't have had time for much else ;)

This entire week, the Beatles song, With a Little Help From My Friends, seemed to be my theme song.  I received many blessings from friends who helped carpool, brought surprise meals, helped me keep my sanity by running with me, and just spent time having adult conversations with me throughout the week...you know who you are!...all because they are kind, thoughtful, and proactive.  Sometimes that's all it takes, you know, is to just DO something rather than asking someone what they need.  I assure you that even when someone says that they're "fine," a helping hand can always make their day a little easier. Also, don't be afraid to say "yes" when someone asks if you need anything.  I let my pride get in the way of that for far too long, and I realized that I missed out on deepening friendships by being a little bit vulnerable.  We all can benefit from a little help from our friends!!

Happy Cooking!

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