Tricks of the trade

Okay, guys, so several people have sent me some links to tips lately, so I thought I'd share them with you.  You know, anything to make our lives a little easier ;)  Happy Cooking!

picture from wikipedia

Perfect Cup o' Joe
My mom has been using this method to make coffee for years, and it's always perfect:

1/3 cup grounds per every 6 cups of water makes about 2 large cups of coffee.

NOTES: YUM!  Just keep a plastic 1/3 cup measuring cup with your coffee at all times.  It's so fast and leaves very little room for spilling grounds like you may when you use a spoon (okay, maybe that's only me).

Perfectly Moist Chicken (shared with me by my sister)
Method from The Kitchn found HERE.

NOTES:  You could really use any kind of seasoning on this that you liked.  What a great idea for quick and easy salad toppers, chicken for chicken salad, any chicken that you don't want shredded for a casserole, etc.

Just some fun tips for the kitchen:
From The Meta Picture found HERE

NOTES: My favorites are the bacon cinnamon rolls, flower lemon slices, and the corn on the cob holder.

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