Kofte Pitas (aka Turkish Meatballs in Pita)

Kofte Pitas (aka Turkish Meatballs in Pita): Recipe from Cooking Light
Recipe found HERE.

NOTES: I have been on a red meat kick lately. We are usually a chicken 4+ nights a week family, but someone brought us some ground beef fresh from their farm, so I have been trying to find some new recipes to try. These pitas are SO yummy. My family of 5 ate all 8 of the mini patties. The baby ate 2 by herself...I am not kidding! I added some Feta cheese, so that sort of defeats the "cooking light-ness" of it all, but it was delicious. I deconstructed the pitas for the kids, and they LOVED them. Would definitely recommend as an alternative to plain burgers for an easy week night meal.

Happy Cooking!

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