Pork Cubanos

I made three of these sandwiches for the five of us, and it was just enough food. These were SO yummy and a great alternative to your everyday sandwich. The kids all ate them up. We always seem to have pork tenderloin leftover, and I usually don't know quite what to do with it. These sandwiches are the ticket! Try them :)

Pork Cubanos: (recipe adapted from Food and Wine found HERE.)

Sub rolls
butter, softened
sliced ham
swiss cheese
yellow mustard
sliced pickles
leftover pork tenderloin (recipe I used found HERE.)

Cut sub rolls in half and brush butter on cut sides of bread. Place bread, buttered side down in a large skillet heated over medium heat. Toast bread until lightly browned. Spread mustard on cut sides of bread. Layer ham, cheese, pickles, and pork onto sandwich. Add sandwiches back to skillet and brown on each side for a minute or two pressing it down with a spatula until the cheese is melted. You could also use a grill pan or a panini press for this, but, since I don't have either of those, a skillet worked just fine.

Happy Cooking!

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