Shepherd's Loaf

Shepherd’s Loaf (recipe from Carolyn Massey)

4 - 8 oz packages cream cheese
2 -2 ½ oz jars dried  beef
6 green onions with tops, finely chopped
3 TB mayo
2 TB lemon juice
14 dashes black pepper
18 dashes garlic salt

  Take a slice off top of large round bread loaf.   Hollow out  bread loaf – toast bread to eat with dip.  Pack mixture into bread loaf – replace lid.  Wrap in aluminum foil & bake 325 for 1’1/2 hours

NOTES:  This is a dip that our neighbor, Carolyn Massey, made for us every Christmas Eve growing up.  We would head over to their house for appetizers before church, and this dip in the bread bowl was our favorite thing.  My sister loves it so much, that we recently made and served it at her baby shower...hence the silver tray in the picture.  We won't be quite so fancy for Super Bowl Sunday!!

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