Middle Eastern Chicken Kebabs & Basmati Rice Pilaf

Middle Eastern Chicken Kebabs:
Recipe from Once Upon a Chef found HERE.

Basmati Rice Pilaf with Dried Fruits & Almonds:
Recipe from Once Upon a Chef found HERE.

NOTES: I used the chicken thighs (2 lbs) as the recipe suggests and also used 2 small chicken breasts. I will say that both were yummy, but the chicken thighs definitely had more flavor. I made the marinade in the morning so that the chicken could marinate for about 11 hours. I was running short on time (the marinade and cutting the chicken only took about 10 minutes), so rather than going ahead and putting the chicken on skewers, I tossed it in a glass bowl with the marinade and then covered it with Saran Wrap. My husband actually skewered the chicken and onions and grilled it all right when we were ready to eat. The basmati rice took a little over half an hour to make, so make sure you start that well in advance of the chicken, as that only takes about 5 or 10 minutes to grill depending on the heat. The salad was simple...just arugula and The Barefoot Contessa's Buttermilk Ranch dressing that a sweet friend made for us. This was healthy, easy, and ALL of the kids loved it.

Happy Cooking!

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