Whirlwind of a Day - How I Ended Up on Fox News

screenshot of video clip

For those of you who have asked how in the world I ended up on the news yesterday afternoon, here's the timeline:

6:30am - Wake up call
7:00am - All three kids wake up
7:35am - First child leaves for school with Daddy
8:00am - Breakfast for other two and a mad dash to get dressed and ready for the day (thank GOODNESS I opted for real clothes rather than workout attire)
8:30am - Out the door for Mama and the two littles
8:50am - Drop off youngest child at YMCA Parents' Morning Out
9:00am - Drop off middle child at preschool
9:15am - Pull into parking lot of Knollwood Baptist to catch up on Bible study & emails before Eat & Greet with Lisa Leake
9:20am - Read email from Lisa Leake (she sent it much earlier) asking if she could share my contact information with Fox News. NOTE: I did not know Lisa before yesterday, but we had been in contact about her cookbook ambassador program
9:22am - Call to my sister in a slight panic
9:30am - email Lisa Leake back with "Absolutely!"
10:00am - walk into the 100 Days of Real Food Eat & Greet with several friends and sample some awesome food from the cookbook (onion dip, peanut butter cookies, fruit salad, etc)
11:00am - Stand in line to meet Lisa and have cookbook signed
11:10am - Am approached by Fox 8 News reporter asking if they can take me to Whole Foods for an interview
11:11am - politely decline because I have to pick up my children
11:12am - Alternate course of action proposed
11:13am - Mentally go through all the reasons to say no
11:13.5am - Reply with, "Of course! Just let me know where and what time to meet you."
11:20am - Call my husband in a slight panic...he agrees that I am CRAZY and then follows up with a very encouraging and supportive pep talk
11:35am - Pick up youngest child
12:00noon - Pick up middle child
(no time for lunch!!)
12:14pm - Pull into Whole Foods parking lot and call one of my best friends asking for immediate prayers
12:15pm - Meet Fox 8 News team with my two kids in tow
12:20pm - Start interview and immediately open organic strawberries that were thankfully within arms reach for kids to munch on to attempt to prevent meltdown
12:25pm - Lisa Leake comes around the corner with her husband and takes me on a personal grocery shopping trip (all filmed)
12:30pm - Lisa is finishing up her interview while my one year old is going into complete meltdown mode two steps away.
12:35pm - Walk out of Whole Foods and start immediately sweating thinking of my children downing strawberries and apples in the middle of the store (we did pay for them after the fact) and the baby having a major meltdown at the end of it all.
4:00pm - My best friend in Winston shows up to watch the news with me
4:20pm - Watch the Fox 8 News clip...kudos to the fantastic editors & reporter...and to Lisa Leake who is a pro!
4:25pm - BREATHE!

Lisa is truly lovely, personable, and so much fun to meet. She is passionate about real food while at the same time being realistic and down-to-earth. What a treat to meet her and her family yesterday and to hear first hand what their transition to real food looked/looks like. I am inspired by her and her excitement, and I am humbled that I got to go along for the ride yesterday.

Here's the clip from yesterday's Fox 8 News broadcast:


I was totally out of my element yesterday, but I find that it's ALWAYS good to step out of my comfort zone...especially when my gut is tellilng me yes despite my head reasoning through all of the reasons to say no.

Happy Cooking!

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